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Fort Schuyler, Bronx, NY

Fort Schuyler
Paul Mangione Fort Schuyler Bronx NY

Source: SUNY Maritime

Fort Schuyler was one of many forts built along the east coast of the United States  in the aftermath of the War of 1812, when it became apparent that the US coast was poorly defended against foreign invasion. Fort Schuyler was begun in 1833 and dedicated in 1856 after 75% completion, though not garrisoned until 1861. The fort was strategically positioned to protect New York City from naval attack through the Long Island Sound, guarding the eastern entrance to New York Harbor. It is located on Throgs Neck, the southeastern tip of the Bronx, where the East River meets the Long Island Sound. Fort Totten, built during the Civil War, faces it on the opposite side of the river. Their interlocking batteries created a bottle-neck of defenses against ships attempting to approach New York City.

Source: Wikipedia

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