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Paul Mangione's Reasons Behind Naming His Company Fort Schuyler Advisors

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Learn the reason why Paul Mangione named his business Fort Schuyler Advisors. 

Why Paul Mangione Named His Firm Fort Schuyler Advisors


Here is a brief explanation of why Paul Mangione named his business, Fort Schuyler Advisors. And what connection it has to Fort Schuyler, a well preserved 19th-century fortification in New York City. 


First and foremost, he grew up in the Bronx, near the fort. As a result, it has significance for him.

Second, the fort was built in a time of changing technology. In other words, it was constructed during a period when technology was rapidly evolving. 


Before the invention of the steam ship, New York Harbor was thought of as impenetrable from invasion by sea from the Long Island Sound because of the danger of navigating Hell's Gate by the East River. Rough currents made it difficult to sail.


Then technology changed with steam power and NY needed a new solution to deal with new technology. Fort Schuyler was their solution.


This is similar to investing in structured finance and lending in the current environment with fintech changing the game - from how you acquire customers to data analysis on borrowers.


Paul Mangione compares his firm, Fort Schuyler Advisors, to Fort Schuyler in that it was similarly created to deal with new and emerging technologies.


To learn more about Paul Mangione and his business Fort Schuyler Advisors, you can check out or his personal site As well as, connect with him on LinkedIn.


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