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United Van Lines' Study Details US Migration in 2018

Americans are moving to the South and the West according to the latest United Van Lines’ National Movers Study. The study calculates the percentage of moves inbound and outbound by state. The states with the percentage of inbound moves above 50% experiencing growth. Those with 50% or higher outbound moves are not.

The states experiencing the highest inbound percentages are Vermont 72.6%, Oregon 63.8%, Idaho 62.4%, Nevada 61.8% and Arizona 60.2%. Those with the highest outbound moves are New Jersey 66.8%, Illinois 65.9%, Connecticut 62.0%, New York 61.5% and Kansas 58.7%. These numbers do not consider the number of moves in/out of each state but just the relative percentage of moves in and out of the state. For example, California has the largest number of inbound moves at 10,472 - but the 12,473 moves out of the state show it to be experiencing a reduction with 54.4% of moves being outbound.

Rhode Island (inbound rate 50.8%), Mississippi (inbound rate 50.6%) and Arkansas (inbound rate 50.3%) are considered balanced with their percentages hovering around 50%.

The study also shared some details on the reason for a move with the major categories being retirement, health, family, lifestyle or employment. Full details are available in the interactive chart below:

The 48 continental states and Washington DC were included in the study. Hawaii and Alaska were not included likely because traditional movers would not handle moves in/out of these states.


Disclaimer - This material has been distributed for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice or a recommendation of any particular security, strategy or investment product.

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