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Silicon Investor Post from 1996

Well I have an EE background as well - BS/MS EE MIT. I am now

working on Wall Street, so I am starting to get a good feel for the

information the analysts use when they size up a company.

Maxim is in good shape because it has practically no debt. Even after

purchasing the TEK fab (in 94?) they still have plenty of cash. It will be

interesting to see what happens as they grow and become a power in

Analog Devices and National Semis markets.

As Maxim grows, there may be an interest to move into commodity semi

market where National has always been a key player. The profit margins

are tiny in this market. You make money in volume - and MAXIM may

be able to leverage their popularity in the areas of power control to op-

amps and other generic analog components. (Then again maybe not?)

What do you think?

In terms of high speed electronics, Maxim seems to be doing well.

Buying the TEK high-speed fab will enable them to build some really

fast ADCs/DACs. (Are they also moving into the high resolution market

i.e. Delta-Sigma converters?) And their timing couldn't be better -

the explosion in wireless communication provides a huge market.

I recently read some projections on growth of cellular and other wireless

devices in the US. In '95, 12% of the US population owned cellular phones.

By '00 that number will be around 60-70%.

I would really appreciate if you could give me a run-down of Maxim's

current product groups and their key products.

Maxim has a web site at but it really empty.

-Paul Mangione

Fort Schuyler Advisors


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